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According to various studies, at least 72% of Dry Eye Disease patients have inflammation around the meibomian glands or Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). MGD most likely occurs because of inflammation of and around the meibomian glands and causes them to not function properly, which results in poor tear volume and quality. The Optilight IPL is the ONLY FDA approved IPL treatment for Dry Eye Disease and the professional staff at Beach Cities Optometry has determined that this is the most effective treatment to inhibit the inflammatory process around the meibomian glands.

​​​​​​​IPL is not a laser. It is light therapy that concentrates light energy in a specific wavelength. A filter is used to concentrate that particular wavelength. The energy from the light transfers to pigment in and around the meibomian tear glands and that energy breaks the inflammatory cycle that causes meibomian gland dysfunction.

IPL has been used for many years by the medical community to treat age spots, mottled skin pigmentation, hair removal, acne, irregular blood vessels, and other skin damage.

Optilight’s IPL is the most current technology available to treat Dry Eye Disease. The average patient might take four treatments over a period of 3-4 months to get the full benefit of treatment in order to break the inflammation cycle present in MGD. Once the full effect is reached, maintenance IPL treatments might be recommended on a quarterly or annual basis to keep the meibomian glands healthy and functioning properly.

While side effects are uncommon, your eyes may feel slightly more dry or gritty for the day following your procedure. If you do experience dry eyes, you can use preservative-free artificial tears or an over-the-counter tear replacement gel.

Following your treatment, your skin will be sensitive, so we recommend avoiding sun exposure and using sunblock after treatment to all treated areas that are exposed to sunlight.

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