What kind of tests do you perform to see if I have dry eyes?
Beach Cities Optometry doctors and staff perform a variety of tests to determine if a patient has clinically observable Dry Eye Disease. We assess the tear layer by looking at it through a microscope and will use a colored dye to determine how quickly the tear layer breaks up. We will also be looking for signs of dry eye at the cornea and eyelid margins. We use a Meibomographer to image the meibomian glands and check the thickness of the tear layer. After treatments, these tests will be run again to see how much improvement there has been and if the treatments have been effective.

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Will my insurance company pay for dry eye treatments?
In most cases medical insurance will cover an exam to determine if you have dry eyes. Insurances will usually only cover the least expensive options to treat dry eyes. They do not pay for over-the-counter lubrication drops and will reluctantly pay for prescription drops or punctal plugs in some cases. We have not encountered any insurance company that will pay for Intense Pulsating Light (IPL), which is the most effective treatment for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. We believe the reason for this is because it is a more expensive option than insurance typically covers, yet it is the only FDA approved IPL treatment for Dry Eye Disease.

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