There are two types of insurance we accept in our office, vision insurance, and medical insurance. They are different in many respects, the main difference being that vision insurance covers only exams and products (glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses) related to correcting your visual system in order to get you to see clearly, while medical insurance will cover exams related to problems related to the health of the eye, such as cataracts, red eyes, glaucoma, as well as many other acute and chronic problems.


The only vision insurances we accept at Beach Cities Optometry are Vision Service Plan (V.S.P.) and Davis Vision. Virtually all other vision plans will allow you to receive "out-of-network" services from us and you may submit our receipt for full or partial reimbursement (depending on your coverage) from your plan.


There are many medical insurances that we accept and for whom we are network providers. We are providers for Medicare, Anthem, Blue Cross, and many others. Unfortunately, we are not network providers on any HMO plans, but we accept most PPO and independent medical plans. If you are not sure if your visit will be covered, please contact us and our staff will do their best to try to estimate what will or won't be covered under your medical plan.

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