How to Properly Care for Your Eyeglasses

Your eyeglasses are your key to visual clarity. This is why it makes sense to take care of them. Also, ensure that you go for regular eye exams. These will help you monitor whether your eyes are in top shape. Otherwise, you may mistake eye problems for eyeglass problems.

Here are some tips for eyeglass care.



Grip Them Firmly



When handling your eyeglasses, do so by gripping the part that crosses your nose bridge. It will spare you from accidentally bending the frame or the eyeglasses slipping and falling. 

Bending your frame can distort your view. It can also make you uncomfortable. Some people opt out of wearing eyeglasses when they damage their frames. If you do that, you will eventually worsen your eyesight.



Use Both Hands



Frequently removing your eyeglasses using one hand will leave the frame misaligned. It weakens the screws and eventually causes your eyeglass frames to break. Use both your hands to remove your eyeglasses, and do it from the temple. Otherwise, you can remove them by gripping them firmly by the part that crosses over your nose bridge.



Clean Them



Cleaning your eyeglasses at least once a day will keep them in optimal state. Cleanliness is also vital for your health. Your eyeglasses are on your face most of the day. Like your face, they experience exposure to dust and dirt. As you wash your face, clean your eyeglasses. Avoid putting them back on your face without cleaning them. It exposes you to the previous dirt, dust, and bacteria.



Wash Your Hands



Clean your hands with lotion-free soap before handling your eyeglasses. Also, dry them with a lint-free cloth or towel. It will help you avoid putting smudges on them as you wear or clean them. 



Use a Gentle Stream of Tap Water



Avoid using hot water to clean your eyeglasses. Use lukewarm water, and adjust the stream until it flows gently. A fast or rapid stream can damage your frames. The force can weaken the screws, springs, or hinges.



Use Lotion-free Soap



Lotion-free soap is ideal for cleaning your eyeglasses. It will not leave any oily patches after you clean your frames and lenses. Avoid using products with acetone since they can damage your lenses. They can also destroy your plastic frames when you leave them on the surface for too long.



Drying Your Eyeglasses



Carefully shake off the excess water from your eyeglasses after washing them. Inspect them to ensure they are clean and let them sit to dry. Use a lint-free microfiber cloth to wipe your eyeglasses once they are dry. It will remove any excess water or smudges remaining.






Try to get into the habit of storing your spectacles in their case. It will keep them safe and avoid breakage. It will keep them away from dirt and dust. It also prevents bending and scratching. 


For more information on the proper care for your eyeglasses, visit Beach Cities Optometry at our Manhattan Beach, California office. Call (310) 906-4426 to schedule an appointment today.

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