Contacts and Seasonal Allergies: How to Manage Your Symptoms

Contact lenses are convenient and helpful in so many situations. But they can be a nuisance if you have seasonal allergies. So, how do you balance having seasonal allergies with your contact lenses? Here are some tips to help you manage the symptoms.


Minimize Wear Time


Minimize the time you wear your contact lenses during the seasons when allergens are in the air. However, you do not need to if your allergic reaction is mild. Minimizing the wear time shortens the period you will have to deal with allergic reactions.


Temporary Eyeglasses


You may have to wear temporary eyeglasses for a portion of your day. Eyeglasses come in handy when the allergens cause swollen, itchy, and red eyes. Consider wearing eyeglasses with transition lenses. They will shield your eyes from the sun. It will help you to deal with any light sensitivity you may be experiencing.


Wear Disposable Lenses


Contact lenses attract dust and other allergens in the air. Hence, it is not a surprise that the long-term use of contact lenses causes a buildup of debris and allergens. Monthly contact lenses attract debris, dust, and allergens. It happens more with them than with daily disposable lenses. 

Considering this, it is advisable to switch to daily disposable lenses. There will be less time for allergens and dust to accumulate. Talk to your doctor before making the switch. They will advise you on which lenses are the most suitable.


Keep Your Eyes Moist


Keep your eyes from becoming uncomfortable and drying by using eye drops and artificial tears. Ensure that the tears and eye drops are preservative-free. Otherwise, the preservatives may cause an adverse reaction and worsen your allergies. Dealing with it later may take more time and effort than avoiding the preservatives. Consult your doctor if you need help choosing these eye drops and artificial tears.


Use Hypoallergenic Makeup


Always wear your makeup after putting in your contact lenses. Otherwise, the chemicals from the makeup may worsen your seasonal allergies. But if you follow this routine but still experience discomfort and reaction to allergies, try hypoallergenic makeup. 

These creams and cosmetics decrease allergic reactions and protect your eyes. Sweat and moisture particles can cause chemicals from the usual makeup to seep into your eyes. In contrast, hypoallergenic makeup will not cause the same reactions.


Anti-allergy Medication


Consult your doctor before taking any anti-allergy medication or antihistamines. They will recommend only those suitable for you. These medications are helpful and help you deal with any allergic attacks and reactions. However, consulting your doctor will help you avoid intense symptoms since some antihistamines can cause dry eye.


Initiate a Cleaning Routine


Another thing that may help is initiating a cleaning routine. Set a time to clean your contact lenses regularly. It will ensure no buildup, and you get a thorough cleaning effect. Also, check the cleaning solution that you are using. You may be allergic to it. Make sure all the cleaning solutions you are using are preservative-free.

For more information on contacts and seasonal allergies, visit Beach Cities Optometry at our Manhattan Beach, California office. Call (310) 906-4426 to schedule an appointment today.

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