Choosing the Right Pair of Glasses to Complement Your Face Shape

Selecting the best eyeglasses can be difficult due to the numerous options available. There are different types of glasses to suit all face shapes and styles. When buying new eyeglasses, the first step should be determining your face shape. 

There are five primary shapes: square, round, oval, heart, and triangle. Knowing your face shape will make it easy to choose glasses that suit you. 

Round Shape

If your face is round-shaped, choose angular and bold frames that will make your face look thinner and longer. Geometric or rectangular frames will suit you as the sharp lines help balance the soft features. 

For the best effect, choose frames that sit above the cheekbones. Retro cat-eye frames are perfect for highlighting your cheeks and eyes. Determine your style when making the final decision. 

Square Shape


Individuals with square-shaped faces have prominent features, such as a strong jawline and wide forehead. The best frames here are round and oval. The rounded curves help complement and balance the sharp angles, especially the jawline. 

You can choose a thin round frame that will help soften your features. Choose a frame that is wider than your cheekbones to complement the strong angles. 

Triangle Shape

Triangular face shapes are narrow across the top and wider on the bottom. The best frames for triangular-shaped faces draw attention to the forehead and away from the jawline. Eyeglasses with detailing on the top are a good option as they help balance out the face. 

They draw attention away from the heavy bottom. For best results, choose frames with a bold top, such as aviators, cat-eye frames, and D-frames.  

Heart Shape

A heart shape is broad at the top and narrow at the bottom. If you have a heart-shaped face, you should choose D-frames or aviator frames. The frames help shift focus away from the forehead, adding balance to the facial features. 

Choosing a frame with more width on top and details at the bottom will balance the features. Rectangular frames can help highlight high cheekbones. To highlight or emphasize your eyes, you should choose an oval frame. 

Oval Shape

The oval-shaped face is the most versatile when it comes to choosing eyeglasses. It is a universal shape, and individuals with this face shape can wear almost all frames. However, for the best frames, select a style that will highlight your best features. You can experiment with several eyeglasses to find out the best ones for you. 

To determine the shape of your face, examine the facial length, the width of your forehead, cheekbone width, and jawline. When choosing eyeglasses, your face shape is crucial, but you should also consider your style or personal preference. 

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