Eye Exams

By utilizing the latest equipment and techniques, we can assure you that our optometrists and staff will provide you with a great experience when you come to our office. We have had great success in using the Optos Digital Retinal scanner to assess the health of the retina. We use a state-of-the-art optical lab in order to deliver your glasses effectively and efficiently. 

Contact Lens Services

We have complete stock of thousands trial contact lenses so that we can fit you in the optimum contact lens for your particular eye

Professional Colleagues

Dr. Ron Gallemore, M.D.


Dr. Gallemore, founder of the Retina Macula Institute, is the premiere facility for those with retinal problems.

This state-of-the-art Institute can manage and treat the entire spectrum of retinal issues, often using new and innovative treatments.

Dr. John Maher, M.D.



Dr. John Maher, who received his medical training at Loyola University and a cornea fellowship at the U.C. San Diego, has lived and worked in the South Bay since 1986. The ageless Dr. Maher has mastered many areas of ophthalmology, including treatments for cataracts, cornea, and glaucoma.

Dr. Kerry Assil, M.D.


Dr. Assil is one of the world's foremost experts in eye surgery with over twenty five years of clinical experience.  Dr. Assil leads the field with numerous inventions and innovations in LASIK and cataract surgery.  He often introduces state of the art technology to his patients, making eye surgery safer and more effective.